hired@UCB - Careers, Employability and Placements Service

hired@UCB is the Careers, Employability and Placements Service for students and alumni at University College Birmingham. We have a team of specialist and qualified staff with the knowledge and experience to support our students to recognise and build the skills needed to be successful in the world of work. Our work is structured around 6 key themes:

GET Started

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Careers information, advice and guidance

In addition to the support offered within each course, we have a team of Careers & Employability Advisers who have specialist industry knowledge and experience to help you identify career goals and develop employability skills during your time at UCB.

One-to-one career guidance interviews provide impartial and confidential careers advice to support you in your career decision-making process. To book an appointment, simply log on to Hired Connect and select the date and time that suits you.

GET Skilled

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Support is available to develop the skills identified in order to achieve your career goals. These will be delivered through the curriculum, careers, work placement and additional learning.

Career presentations and workshops are available throughout the academic year on a broad range of employability topics including Job Searching, CV Writing, Interview Techniques, Networking Skills, the use of Social Media, plus many more.  We also provide a range of employability learning materials and information online.

UCB has launched Hired Connect, a portal that provides studens with a wide range of careers and employability resources and e-learning to help you build the skills for your future career. This includes, amongst many other things: job profiles; e-learning materials, a CV builder and videos from employers.

GET Experience

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To help you get experience, you will be provided with real world of work opportunities to help develop the skills needed for your chosen occupation.

Work experience placement

As part of your study programme, all FE students are required to complete an external work experience placement organised and supported by Employability Tutors within the hired@UCB team.   

There are many rewards and benefits of work experience and you will build many more skills through working with people and solving real problems in the workplace. Work experience helps to build your confidence and self-esteem, helps you to see the relevance of what you are studying by showing you how the skills you have learnt in the classroom can be applied in relevant and real work situations.

If you are passionate about your career choice, work experience is vital. And if you are not passionate, work experience is still vital in order to help you understand what you want to do and what you don't want to do. You will establish a set of achievements, skills, understanding and personal attributes that will make you significantly more likely to get the job you want and be successful in your chosen occupation. 

An important point to remember is that the work placement you experience may lead to a part-time job alongside the remainder of your studies and/or for final-year students, a full-time position upon graduation.

GET Hired

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We can help you secure part-time employment and/or voluntary work, which will further enhance your employability skills.     


Unitemps is our campus-based recruitment agency. Whether you would like part-time work during term time, seasonal work or full-time work during the academic holiday periods, Unitemps is here to help you. You can register by visiting www.unitemps.com or visit our Recruitment Consultants within hired@UCB on the Ground Floor of the Moss House Campus.


Our Hired Connect portal provides students and alumni with online access to a wide variety of vacancies. These roles are provided to us directly by employers looking for UCB graduates. The search functionality will show you ALL jobs in the area and sector that you are looking for, and the ones uploaded for you by us will ALWAYS be at the top. This enables you to search for suitable vacancies wherever you are based. 


Volunteering is a great way to gain additional experience during your studies, and will support you in getting hired at the end of your course. The hired@UCB team works in partnership with local charities and not-for-profit organisations to support the recruitment of volunteers by:

  • Advertising volunteering opportunities around the university – online, on screens and on volunteering notice boards.
  • Hosting volunteer recruitment events on campus to give you the opportunity to talk to organisations face-to-face.
  • Organising one off volunteering opportunities on and off campus for you to get involved with.

GET Enterprising

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To help you get enterprising, the hired@UCB team works in partnership with the Business School who will support you to develop the innovation, self-motivation and enterprise skills required to succeed in the world of work or as an entrepreneur. To support this, the Business School, as part of a European Regional Development Fund project called BSeen, will provide:

  • Enterprise competitions
  • Business grant information to help kick start your business
  • Tailored mentoring to suit your business needs
  • Fantastic networking opportunities and events

GET on

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We will be supporting you to make informed choices about your next steps, whether that is further study, employment or self-employment.


Throughout the academic year, the hired@UCB team coordinates a wide range of opportunities for you to meet with local, national and international employers and alumni.  Events include recruitment fairs, employer presentations and alumni support through presentations, mentoring and networking.

Our Hired Connect portal provides students with support for up to 5 years after they complete their studies at UCB. This means that UCB will continue to help you secure the career you want whether you are still a student or part of our Alumni family.