More than 2.2 million people have started an apprenticeship since 2015

93% of apprentices remain employed on completion

Our apprenticeships offer people aged 16 and over exciting opportunities to learn skills for life while getting paid, from Level 2, up to higher and degree level apprenticeships specialising in healthcare, business, culinary and construction.

Our programmes are designed in collaboration with the employer, ensuring alignment with industry demands and providing apprentices with the right skills and development for a very successful career. We have well-established relationships with many employers and public sector organisations to be able to offer our diverse range of apprenticeship opportunities.

Kennedy Bowman, Senior Nurse and Apprentice

Apprenticeship stories - Kennedy Bowman

While on her nursing associate apprenticeship, Kennedy was able to work and gain on-the-job training at the same time. Her existing relationship with the team at Cygnet helped boost her knowledge further. She said: “I felt that I would have been able to get the best knowledge and skills because I can choose placements I'm more interested in and I have an already-solidified relationship with the teams and the university team.”

This led to her degree apprenticeship, where she achieved excellent marks and received a Florence Nightingale award, as well as Cygnet Group’s Learner of the Year award.

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“Since May 2010, there have been over 5.5 million apprenticeships in the UK and with many industries experiencing a skills gap. A skills-based training programme such as an apprenticeship has never been more imperative for bringing in qualified talent to the national workforce.”

Samantha King Director of Apprenticeships

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