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Dilasha's Story

Computer Science MSc

When Jaksa recalls her childhood, it evokes memories of an immersion in all things technological that would stay with her for life.

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Gabriela's Story

International Business Management MSc

When she and her husband decided to transition from roles in human resources to entrepreneurship in construction, Gabriela realised she needed to broaden her skill set, and that education would help to improve her opportunities.

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Bhavi's Story

Global Meetings and Events Management MSc

Bhavi was thrilled to secure a role as Delegation and Events Coordinator for the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin – a success she attributes to the skills and experienced gained whilst completing her master’s degree.

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Ellie's Story

International Hospitality Management MSc

With a father passionate about rally driving, and a mother working as a pacesetter, it seemed inevitable that Ellie too would become a petrolhead!

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Wajeeha's Story

Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism MA

After completing her English degree and wrapping up an internship, Wajeeha knew she wanted to stay in education and learn more about marketing.

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Oliver's Story

Finance and Accounting MSc

Knowing that he wants to retire early, Oliver is leaving nothing to chance and is doing what he can to bolster his career opportunities within finance and accounting.

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