College Student Handbook

Welcome to University College Birmingham.

First of all, welcome to University College Birmingham. This handbook has been produced to give you an insight into University College Birmingham and your course, so please bookmark it for easy reference. It is full of valuable information to assist you, not only when you first start at University College Birmingham, but throughout your time with us.

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Student life

In this section of the Student Handbook, you will find details about support services for your time at University College Birmingham and information about leisure activities taking place outside the learning environment.

Getting Started

Student Support Services


The Guild of Students

Leisure at University College Birmingham

Academic Matters

In this section of the Student Handbook, you will find information about Assessments, Learning Services - such as the Library and the Centre for Academic Skills and English - Examinations, Coursework and Certification of Qualifications. There are details about IT access at University College Birmingham and other opportunities for study.

Assessment Issues

Assessments: Fairness and Marking

Assessments: If Things Go Wrong

Helping You to Study

IT in University College Birmingham

Work Placements

Do the Right Thing

Undergraduate students

University College Birmingham Rules and Regulations

This section of the handbook has been designed to help you access and understand policies and procedures that will be important to you while studying at University College Birmingham.

Policies and Procedures

Health, Safety and Welfare Policies

Other Important Information

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