Student Learning Support

Helping hands for academic achievement

Whatever help you need to succeed in your studies at University College Birmingham, our learning support teams are committed to giving all of our students the advice, skills and practical tools to discover your full potential.

Library services

Our library facilities offer thousands of print and digital resources, while our qualified library professionals and research specialists can help you find what you need.

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Learning spaces

Our campus buildings offer ideal environments to build your knowledge, with quiet areas for individual work, break-out spaces for meet-ups and glazed pods for group discussion.

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Computer facilities 

All students at University College Birmingham have access to computers located across campus, while we have continued to boost our IT provision with new high-spec PCs and additional self-study laptop areas.

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Centre for Academic Skills and English (CASE)

Our Centre for Academic Skills and English offers a range of tailored support and study-based help to enable you to achieve your very best at University College Birmingham.

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Mentoring is a learning partnership in which someone with more knowledge in a particular area helps a less experienced person. We are involved in a number of different mentoring initiatives at University College Birmingham.

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Canvas is our learning support system that is accessible via the internet and is used by your lecturers to offer greater flexibility in how, where and when you can access your learning.

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Digital Skills Awareness Course

The Digital Skills Awareness Course informs you about the Digital Skills you will need to succeed at University.

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The Assignment Life Cycle

The Assignment Life Cycle is UCB's online research, referencing and academic skills support tool for all HE students at UCB on Canvas. The online resources support students from the beginning to the end of the assignment process. Watch the video to get an overview of it. You will need your UCB login details to access it on Canvas.

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