Scholarships and Waivers

Support for students

University College Birmingham provides a range of support designed to encourage individuals to access programmes of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level and to be successful in their studies. Part of this support is in the form of financial support and other benefits.

Scholarships and bursaries

Available to eligible home, EU and international students, our scholarships are designed to support students who demonstrate excellence in academic and sporting achievements, while the Masters Intern Bursary gives students* an opportunity to work for the University instead of paying the full-time tuition fee. (*student needs to be a UK or EU national with settled status)

Sporting Excellence Scholarship

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Masters Intern Bursary

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Fee waivers and awards

Available to eligible home and EU students, fee waivers are designed to offer a discount on student's tuition fees based on eligibility. No application is necessary as the discount will be applied at enrolment. Eligible EU students will be given the EU Transition Award to support them joining University College Birmingham after Brexit. 

Students of University College Birmingham

Undergraduate to Postgraduate Waiver

Applicable to undergraduate students progressing to postgraduate studies in 2021

UCB students who achieve a first class Honours degree awarded by UCB in the previous academic year, will receive a discount on their tuition fees of £1200 (£865 in year 1, £335 in year 2). No application necessary (UK/EU students with pre-settled or settled status only).

2021 has been a challenging year and for this year only, progressing UCB students (excluding those who have achieved a first class Honours, see above) completing their degree in 2021 will receive £600 off their PG fees (Excluding PGCE students who will receive the fee waiver below). No Application necessary. We will apply the discount at enrolment. Note; you can apply for a Postgraduate Loan - value £11,222.

The Kick-Start Scheme

For new students starting a full-time undergraduate course, University College Birmingham will provide financial support in the form of the ‘The Kick-Start Scheme’. Eligible UK students will receive credit of up to £800, which can be used on a dedicated website to purchase course-related materials or on certain items within UCB. The great news is these funds don't need to be paid back! 

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Electronic tablets

Selected students will be entitled to an electronic tablet, pre-loaded with relevant Apps, to assist you in your studies.

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