Hairdressing Level 3

Overview (NV)

Hairdressing Level 3

Course length
2 years full-time


You will get a great foundation in hairdressing and learn the skills you need to thrive in this exciting industry. Training takes place in a practical working environment in our superb training/commercial salons.

Why should I choose this course?

  • You are excited by hairdressing and have the motivation to succeed
  • You follow the latest fashion, trends and styles
  • You want to learn how to make people look – and feel – their best
  • You see yourself working as part of a team, in a salon, or branching out on your own as a freelance hair stylist 

"My course has enabled me to model in a hairdressing competition, attend a major hair and beauty show and work on real clients in the UCB salon. This course is the foundation to help me achieve my dream career in hairdressing."

Lucy Townsend

Why maths and English are so important to your career

Achieving a good level of English and maths is important so that you can compete in today’s labour market and securing the career you’ve always wanted. Alongside your full-time course, students will continue to develop their English and maths skills. If you haven’t yet achieved GCSE grade C in English and maths at 16 you will continue to study these by resits or by taking Functional Skills at an appropriate level.


  • Ratio is very important mixing hair dye etc.
  • Basic addition and subtraction are important in calculating the costs of equipment and products and managing the stock
  • Percentages are key in working out customer discounts
  • Area and perimeter are important when designing and arranging a salon space


  • Accurate spelling and a wide and specialist vocabulary are key in the presentation of hair and beauty products and services
  • Good quality Speaking and Listening skills are needed when communicating with colleagues
  • Customer services skills require good English skills in speaking and written communication
  • Accurate reading is a vital skill when following instructions in hair/beauty products and treatments
  • Secure English is important when preparing a CV or a business proposal or when advertising/marketing your business

Hair salon facilities

Our training and commercial salon facilities are located at our Richmond House campus. You will be trained to a high professional standard, using the latest Swarzkopf products, in a real working environment.

Teaching & Assessment (NV)

Teaching and assessment

You will be assessed on a continuous basis in a realistic working environment.

Our teaching and assessment is underpinned by our Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy 2015-2020.

Entry Requirements (NV)

Entry requirements

  • To apply for Level 3, you must have a Level 2 in Hairdressing, and, ideally, English and/or maths at grade 4 (grade C) or above.
  • However, we also welcome applicants who are able to present an in-depth portfolio illustrating previous experience at interview.
  • School applicants will be required to provide a good school report, which must include attendance.
  • If you do not have a grade 4 (grade C) or above in English and maths and you are under 19, you will be required to complete an assessment so we can ensure you receive appropriate support. Applicants over 19 are not required to complete maths and English.
  • You should be committed, enthusiastic and have a desire to succeed in the hairdressing industry.


Students are required to buy a uniform and a basic set of equipment. To help keep costs to a minimum, these items are available to buy through UCB. If you have any concerns about the cost of the uniform, please discuss this at your interview as we may be able to help.

What will I study? (NV)

What will I study?

You will study different skills and techniques at the two levels.

Level 3

  • Advanced Cutting
  • Advanced Colour
  • Colour Correction
  • Advanced Styling Hair
  • Advanced Long Hairdressing
  • Creative Hairdressing Skills

Other modules will be available  

Your study programme

In addition to your full-time course every student has an individual study programme which ensures that you develop the right skills and experience to progress onto either higher education or gain employment. What’s included in your individual study programme will vary depending on what you have already achieved and your career aspirations.

For example; if you haven’t yet achieved GCSE grade C in English and maths at 16 you will continue to study these by resits or by taking Functional Skills at a an appropriate level. Achieving a good level of English and maths is important so that you can compete in today’s labour market and securing the career you’ve always wanted.

Work placement

Work placement will form an essential part of your individual study programme and all students will be expected to complete an appropriate work placement related to their full-time course.

To find out more about the work placement opportunities for this course, click on the ‘Work Placement’ tab above.

Work Placement (NV)

Work placement

Many of our courses incorporate a period of work placement or work experience which are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter their chosen career in the future.

A work placement not only gives you valuable experience, it also:

  • Helps you to apply what you’re learning into practice
  • It gives you a better understanding of how a company or organisation works
  • Helps you to develop essential skills such as time management, social and communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team
  • Enriches your CV
  • Enhances a UCAS application and personal statement should you wish to progress to higher education
  • Helps you to consider wider future employment opportunities

At UCB we have a specialised team of Employability Tutors based in hired@UCB (located on the 7th floor at Summer Row) who will provide you with the necessary skills in order to source a work placement.

If students are passionate about their career choice, work placements are vital.

A set of achievements, skills, understanding and personal attributes make a student more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupation, which benefits themselves and the work force.

Hair, Beauty, & Hair and Media make-up

All of our Hair, Beauty and Make-up Student’s attend some form of work placement. The length of time and schedules vary between days and block weeks.  Students gain excellent experience and knowledge from this opportunity, and many gain employment as a result. UCB have excellent links with a wide range of salons and Spa’s throughout the West Midlands.  We also have good links with theatre companies which provide those students studying Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Media Make-up, an ideal opportunity to experience a theatre production and work with actors in applying stage make-up appropriate to the performance. 

Careers (NV)


There are a broad range of hairdressing roles open to you once you have successfully completed this course – including the option of travelling the world and working abroad.There are lots of jobs available in salons, from high street businesses to luxury spas and resorts. There are specialised roles in photographic studios and hair clinics and opportunities on cruise liners and in hotels and holiday destinations worldwide.

You can also progress to our foundation degree in Specialist Hair and Media Make-up. You will only need to study for a further two years (instead of three) to gain the qualification.


The team at hired@UCB – our student placement and careers service – can help you with advice, information and guidance in finding a job. They can help you develop your work-related skills..

Based in new facilities on the 7th floor of our Summer Row campus, the hired@UCB team comprises specialist staff to help with: 

  • Careers advice and guidance
  • Placements, work experience and volunteering
  • Unitemps – UCB's recruitment agency
  • Employer engagement
  • Part-time and seasonal work
  • Internships, apprenticeships and traineeships
  • alumni support 

Find out more about hired@UCB services.

Profiles (NV)

Student profiles

Read what our current students and alumni love about UCB and how we helped them begin their career in industry.

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