May 2020

Tourism Management and Tourism Destination Management Graduate 

By Andreas Constantinou

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Andreas Constantinou studied both a BSc in Tourism Management and an MA in Tourism Destination Management at the University.

When he left UCB in 2009, Andreas returned home to Cyprus and got a job as a sales representative for an international telecommunication company. Travelling to Malta and Spain, he became a member of Cyprus Photography Association and secured a post with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation as a tourist officer.

Reflecting on his studies in Birmingham, I liked the fact that it was a student city and with various nationalities. It’s a vibrant city and with many activities.

I particularly liked the live industry project because it was not just theory but also action. It was really helpful as we travelled to the destination and we saw first-hand the issues.

Andreas fondly recalls trips to the student bar, going to the gym and participating on the trekking group. He also worked as a student ambassador.

“I remember the various people I met and became friends with, the guild parties and the teachers who helped me.”

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