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Specialised accommodation

We offer support for anyone who requires an adapted room

We can offer suitable accommodation to those with mobility, hearing or visual needs to ensure your experience within our halls of residence is as enjoyable as possible.

We work closely with our Admissions team and our Academic Skills Centre to ensure your requirements are met prior to your arrival at the halls. However, you will need to complete the ‘special requirements’ section of the application form or email with any relevant information that you believe is important for us to know. This allows us to make any reasonable adjustments you might need as far in advance of your arrival as possible.

Accommodation team

How to apply


The Maltings features rooms that are adapted for wheelchair access with appropriate kitchen facilities.

Other provisions are available for standard study rooms for example; visual fire alarms, pagers and vibrating pillow kits for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you feel you require one of these, or other provisions made available to you for your stay, please do not hesitate to contact the Accommodation Service.

The Maltings offers carer facilities in a number of adjoining rooms across the site. If you believe you will require a carer to support you during your stay, please contact the accommodation team so we can allocate you a room with the appropriate.

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