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Accommodation FAQs

Frequently asked questions

You can find the answers to our most commonly asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact our accommodation team

The application process

How do I apply for accommodation?

You can apply for accommodation by completing the application form here.

Can I view the accommodation?

You can view the halls of residence at our open days and applicant days. Alternatively, you can contact the Accommodation Officer at to arrange another time during office hours.

Open days 

When will I receive an offer of accommodation?

You will receive an offer of accommodation once you have confirmed your  conditional/unconditional study offer. We will begin making offers of accommodation on 25 March 2024.

How do I receive my accommodation offer?

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If you have any questions about your accommodation application please email the team here:

What is in the room?

Rooms have a bed, mattress, mattress protector, wardrobe, drawers, study desk and chair, curtains and booster heater. You can view our virtual tours here.

Catering or self-catering?

All University halls of residence are self-catering. There are various food outlets available on campus.

Am I guaranteed accommodation?

All first-year home, EU and overseas students are guaranteed an offer of accommodation, providing an application for accommodation has been received and University College Birmingham is your first choice.

Do you have a quiet/mature block?

Yes, we offer a quieter/mature block for applicants that request so. Any applicant over 22 years of age will be allocated one of these rooms unless otherwise stated. 

Can I apply for only one semester?

We offer a small number of rooms for one semester only. They are for Erasmus students, students completing their studies in January or for students who are going on, or returning from, a work placement. 

Help. I've made a mistake on my application form.

No problem. Just email with your name, date of birth and the information you need amending.

Are there application deadlines?

To guarantee accommodation, your application must be received by:

Application deadlines

  • Home and international students - 1 September 2024
  • Clearing/Insurance – 1 September 2024

Do you have single-sex flats?

We offer a small number of single-sex female flats. If, however, we have available rooms, these will be used to house late applicants which may change the flat from single to mixed sex.

Can I cancel my accommodation application?

If you no longer require accommodation with us, you can email us at with your name and date of birth, stating a reason you wish to cancel your application. 

Can I cancel once I have accepted the accommodation offer?

Once you have accepted your accommodation offer, you have a seven-day cooling off period to cancel, with no charge. If you wish to cancel after this period, you are tied into a legal agreement with the University.

My offer has been cancelled. What should I do?

If you have been offered accommodation and have not accepted the offer within 7 days by returning all documents and making the £100 deposit payment, we reserve the right to cancel your application. You may reapply and we will do all we can to offer you another room in the accommodation. 

Are there payments to be made?

Yes, there is a security deposit that is held by the University for the term of the contract. The deposit is £100 and is retained as a booking fee before your arrival. Details of how to pay this payment is contained within the contracts. 

Moving in

Can I get my room number?

We are not able to give out room numbers until you collect your keys as rooms are subject to change until this time.

Can I bring a TV and will I need a TV licence?

Yes, you can bring a TV with you. All rooms have aerial points. If you plan to watch live programming through a TV, laptop or tablet, you will need a TV licence.

Are my belongings insured?

All residents receive comprehensive cover for belongings through Endsleigh Insurance, but you may wish to extend cover for items outside your room.

When can I move into the halls of residence?

Unless you are studying during the summer period on a specialist course, your contract for accommodation will begin on Saturday 7 September 2024.

Can I move in before the contract begins?

No. We do not accept early arrivals to the halls of residence unless pre-agreed by the accommodation officer. If you are travelling from abroad, and are booking flights, please ensure you do not arrive before your contracted dates.

Where is the accommodation?

The Maltings is a 10-15 minute walk from Summer Row. It is located at Granville St, Birmingham B1 1SB.

What should I bring with me?

Although the rooms and kitchens are furnished, you still need to bring a number of items. See our basic list of items to get you started.

 UniKitOut is the one-stop shop for student essentials. They offer big discounts on student bed packs, student kitchen packs, student bathroom and towel packs, student combo packs, electricals, accessories and much more. They will even deliver directly to your halls so everything is waiting for you upon your arrival. Use code UCB10 to receive your 10% discount. 

How much money do I need to live off?

All students have different needs and lifestyles while away at university. Look at Save the Student! for hints, tips and their handy 1 minute budget to plan ahead.

Once you've moved in 

Am I allowed pets?

No. We do not allow any pets, not even goldfish (sorry!). We will however make adjustments if you require an assistance dog. 

Can I park my car or motorcycle?

We offer parking at The Maltings for the sole use of residents. We do not recommend bringing a vehicle with you as it is not generally needed to travel around the city centre. However, if you bring a vehicle, you will also need to produce your driving licence, proof of ownership and insurance documents. The cost of parking a car at The Maltings is £200 per semester and £50 per semester for a motorcycle. 

Can I have guests?

We have a guest policy at the halls of residence. Please see our guest policies for more information.

Can I move rooms?

We will look at any requests to move rooms from October (March for semester 2 starters) onwards. The decision is at the discretion of the accommodation officer. There may be administrative costs involved in successful requests to move rooms. 

When is the reception open?

The Maltings reception office is open:
Monday to Friday - 8am - 7pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Can I stay during holiday periods?

Contracts include the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. You do not need to vacate your room during this time.

Do you offer storage?

No, we do not offer any storage facilities. 

What is the Student Accommodation Code?

Many university accommodation buildings are signed up to The Code which was introduced in 2006. The Code has already raised standards of accommodation and aims to continue to enrich the residential experience for students across England and Wales. 

Find out more

Can I vacate the halls?

Once you have accepted the offer of accommodation, you are legally bound by the terms of the agreement. If you wish to leave, defer, withdraw or are withdrawn from your course, you will remain liable for the accommodation costs. Details can be found in the terms and conditions of the contract.

Is the internet included in the costs?

Yes. All residents have access to free wi-fi in our halls. 

Will my room and flat be cleaned?

No, a cleaning service is not included in the costs. Cleaning is the responsibility of the residents of each flat. Charges may be incurred if kitchens and communal areas are not kept to a satisfactory level. 

How do I report any problems?

All issues should be reported directly to the reception office at your hall of residence. This should include any maintenance, damages or problems.

Can I store a bicycle?

Yes. Our halls have space to store bicycles at no cost. Just remember to bring a lock. Bicycles cannot be stored within the flats or stairwells. We suggest using BikeRegister, the UK’s national, police-approved, bicycle marking and registration scheme to register your bike.

Where does my post go?

Letters will be delivered to your designated post box. Any other deliveries will be held in the reception office. You will need to show your student ID and sign for anything of this nature. 

Is there a laundry service?

The Maltings has laundry facilities provided by Circuit Laundry Systems. Cards will be given at key collection to use with the washing machines and dryers. Issues with the laundry service should be reported directly to Circuit Laundry Systems

When are payments due? 

Payment examples are set out in the application form under the section ‘payment preferences’. These will vary in relation to your student status. Those with an entitlement to a Student Loan can pay in three instalments. Those from overseas and the EU can pay monthly. All residents have the option to pay in full.

Accommodation fee summary 2024/25

Room type Duration (full year) Dates Deposit Rent (per week) Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Monthly (9m) (£approx) Total (incl. deposit)
En suite 42 weeks 07/09/24 - 28/06/25 £100 £153 £2,142.00 £2,142.00 £2,142.00 £714.00 £6,426.00
Standard 42 weeks 07/09/24 - 28/06/25 £100 £130 £1,820.00 £1,820.00 £1,820.00 £600.00 £5,460.00

Semester 1

Room type Duration (semester 1) Dates Deposit Rent (per week) Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Monthly (5m) (£approx)

Total (incl. deposit)
En suite 20 weeks 07/09/24 - 25/01/25 £100 £153 £1,530.00 £1,530.00 - £612.00 £3,060.00
Standard 20 weeks 07/09/24 - 25/01/25 £100 £130 £1,300.00 £1,300.00 - £520.00 £2,600.00

Semester 2

Room type Duration (semester 2) Dates Deposit Rent (per week) Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Monthly (4m)  (£approx) Total (incl. deposit)
En suite 21 weeks 01/02/25 - 28/06/25 £100 £153 - n/a n/a £803.00 £3,213.00
Standard 21 weeks 01/02/25 - 28/06/25 £100 £130 - n/a n/a £520.00 £2,730.00
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