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Getting you views heard

We are sure you will have opinions about your experience while you are studying at University College Birmingham and we would like to hear them. Perhaps you can suggest a way to improve your course, or perhaps you have a comment about the facilities at University College Birmingham? You might have views on the way your timetable is arranged, the opening hours of the library, or the range of confectionery available from the Café vending machines. Big or small, it is only by hearing your opinions that we can continuously improve the service that we offer to all our students.

There are many ways in which you can get your point across at University College Birmingham, but here are some of them:

  • If you have any matter relating to your course or University life that you would like to discuss with a member of staff, the best place to start is with your Personal Tutor. You can also discuss matters relating to your studies with your module lecturers.
  • We host a student teaching and learning conference annually called The Listening Project. All Student Representatives, along with a random sample of students from across the programmes, are invited to collaborate with us on how we can enhance your learning experience at University College Birmingham. A number of activities take place throughout the conference culminating in a panel debate in which students are able to question members of the Executive Management Team of the University and representatives from the Guild of Students and have their voice heard.
  • You will have opportunities to complete satisfaction questionnaires at regular intervals throughout your course of study - after your first couple of months at University, at the end of each academic year, at the end of any extended period of work placement and after leaving (as part of our student destination monitoring).
  • Students on all courses are asked to nominate a student from their group to represent them at Subject Board meetings. These meetings are held once a semester and give you the chance to air your views about your course and any matter relating to University College Birmingham. Academic matters raised at Subject Board meetings are carried forward to Board of Studies meetings, where staff and student representatives from all the Higher Education courses at UCB come together and matters arising from these meetings are forwarded in turn to the Academic Board, a meeting of senior academic and management figures at University College Birmingham. Student representatives are trained and supported by the Student Guild.
  • Each programme site on Canvas has a discussion board where students are encouraged to provide feedback on what they enjoy about their course and what they would like to see improved. This is monitored regularly and changes, where appropriate, are made accordingly.

If on the other hand you are unhappy about any aspect of University College Birmingham provision and you wish to make a complaint, please refer to the Student Complaints Procedure, which is available on the University College Birmingham Student Portal.

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