Assessment Graduate Attributes

The University is committed to providing our students with a rich and diverse educational experience that will support and shape both their personal and professional growth.

Our purpose is facilitating our graduates in developing and applying the required knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to equip them for life in a complex and rapidly changing world. In addition to their subject expertise the University’s graduates will develop the following attributes:

University College Birmingham students will develop the attributes of a global citizen through their individual course and by living and working within the multi-cultural university community:

  • Respect for, and openness to global, cultural and societal diversity.
  • The attitudes necessary to respond to the challenges of sustainability.
  • The knowledge, skills and mind-set to become an employee in the trans-national community.

University College Birmingham courses all have a service industry focus and University College Birmingham graduates will develop their professionalism though learning, teaching and industry exposure:

  • Qualities of integrity, responsibility, leadership, reflective practice and self-determination.
  • An awareness of cross-cultural management practices.
  • The ability to work professionally with collaborative communities.

Employers require graduates with skills in creative enquiry which University College Birmingham develops through assessment and practical work:

  • The ability to use enquiry and problem solving techniques within a range of contexts.
  • To recognise the importance of the ‘knowledge economy’ and the dynamic nature of knowledge.

University College Birmingham graduates will have acquired a range of literacies which are transferable to higher level study and the workplace:

  • Effective communication techniques and emotional intelligence necessary to engage in a range of contexts.
  • The ability to harness the appropriate use of digital technologies for a specific purpose.
  • The ability to use data to create information and knowledge and make critical judgements on these.

Students will develop qualities of enterprise appropriate to the context of their course:

  • The application of innovative and creative thinking to practical and theoretical challenges.
  • Confidence to develop a global outlook on the development of ideas, designs and plans.
  • Be able to lead new initiatives and add value in the workplace.

University College Birmingham graduates will be operating in the increasingly dynamic global market and will be encouraged to focus on the futures of the relevant sector:

  • An understanding and openness to the concept of multiple and uncertain futures.
  • Ability to adapt to and manage change.
  • Skills in self-reflection to support engagement in continuing personal and professional development.
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