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Assessment If Things Go Wrong

Occasionally, you may find that there will be times when things don't always go to plan. This page tells you what can happen if you fail a module and also how to apply for Late Submission of Work or make an appeal.

If you fail a unit or module

If you fail one or more items of assessment on a unit or module, you may be permitted to re-sit those assessments. In some cases, failure of a large number of assessments may result in a requirement for you to withdraw. For more information about this, please contact your Year Manager.

Late submission of work

There may be circumstances where you are unable to meet a set deadline to hand in or complete an assessment. This will normally be something serious, such as a period of illness or a close family bereavement. In these circumstances, you must first approach your Group Tutor to discuss the reasons and complete a Late Submission of Work Form. This must be done before the assessment deadline / hand-in date. It is the role of the Group Tutor (and Lead Verifier where appropriate) to weigh up the evidence available and make the decision to agree or not agree that there are acceptable circumstances for late submission.

Where the circumstances are agreed, the Group Tutor will set an appropriate submission date and forward a copy of the completed Late Submission of Work Form to the Unit Lecturer / Assessor.

Where the circumstances are not agreed, you will be encouraged to complete the work by the deadline date. Failure to submit work by the submission date without an agreed late submission will result in action being taken in line with University College Birmingham and the awarding body regulations.

Late submission circumstances will not include:

  • Lost work / failure of equipment
  • Pressure of work
  • Misreading assignment deadlines
  • Poor time management
  • Scheduling of holidays or time abroad

Short term illness (1 or 2 days) should not be considered as reason for late submission except where it impacts on a test or practical assessment.

If you wish to appeal against a late submission of work decision, you should make the appeal to the relevant Year Manager, in writing, within seven days of the decision.

Where the late submission of work decision is upheld by the Year Manager, you may make a final appeal to the Assistant Dean for the curriculum area concerned.

How to apply to College


You can appeal against an assessment decision by making a case to the Assessment Re-Appraisal Committee of the Academic Board. Information about the procedure for making an appeal appears at sections B (3) and (4) of the General Student Regulations. Please note that appeals may be made only on the grounds laid out in those sections.

Student Regulations 

Fitness to Practise

The University College Birmingham Fitness to Practise regulations apply to specific courses. These are designed to ensure that the expectations of standards laid down by professional bodies are maintained and vulnerable groups in society are protected. Students on courses subject to these requirements will have been made aware of the policy at a number of points and are to make themselves familiar with the relevant professional requirements laid out in the Code of Practice they must sign. More details are available from the Academic Registry on the Third Floor of The Link.

Fitness to Practice

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