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Student Representation

We actively seek your opinions and ideas. We regard your involvement in the running of the programme as very important. Throughout your studies here, we will issue you with questionnaires to help us monitor your level of satisfaction with the course and University College Birmingham. Please help us by completing these questionnaires to enable us to further improve services.

Listed below are the formal bodies on which students have the right of representation. Elections will be arranged for representatives early in the term, and the Guild of Students will provide training.

Subject Boards

The Subject Board is the main formal board for staff / student liaison for your programme. Any matters relevant to the academic management / running of the programme may be brought forward to the Subject Board. (Representation: At least 1 student from each year of the programme.)

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is the next board up from the Subject Board and considers matters of common or particular importance brought forward from the Subject Boards.

The Academic Board:

This Board considers academic matters of institution-wide significance. Representatives are elected from the overall student body.

In addition, Elections for Student Guild Officers are held each year. The Guild of Students represents students in many important ways.  We regularly ask students for their candid opinions on all aspects of their University College Birmingham experiences; through questionnaires, discussion, etc.

We assume that, once you have enrolled onto the programme, you are making a commitment to succeed. We will do our best to support, encourage and help you with your studies. To obtain the maximum benefit from the programme, you must attend all lectures.

Many units are taught over one semester only and, therefore, are quite intensive. It is not advisable to miss any lectures. In addition, out of courtesy for the lecturer and other students we ask you to make sure you are on time for lectures.

Your Tutor will monitor your attendance. Where an unexplained absence is noted, you will be contacted and asked to explain the circumstances. In cases of prolonged absence where the Tutor is not able to contact you or your absence record remains a concern, you may be referred to the Attendance and Achievement Tutor for your programme who will investigate the circumstances.

The result of these enquiries could mean that your progression is monitored or that you defer or are withdrawn from your programme. In any case where contact is not made, it will be concluded that you have left the programme and you will be withdrawn. Your entitlement to student loans and any other financial support given to you may be affected.

Attendance During Classes

Your attendance at all timetabled classes is COMPULSORY. You are expected to demonstrate your commitment by attending all sessions and arriving on time, in the correct uniform if appropriate, and to bring required equipment with you. You are expected to conduct yourself in the professional manner required by the industry. Although you may be permitted to enter a class in the event of being late or being improperly dressed, if the lateness is significant or persistent, or if the lack of preparation means you cannot participate in the session, this may still be deemed to be an absence on your record.

You must also ensure that all uniforms are clean and well ironed and observe the rules on personal hygiene, which will be given to you by the appropriate lecturing staff.

Illness & Absence

If you are going to be absent for any reason, it is essential that you inform University College Birmingham as soon as possible by telephoning the FE Absence Hotline or emailing the Attendance team. Contact us as follows:

FE Absence Hotline: 0121 232 4061

Contact Attendance

This hotline is available to students/parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all students and group tutors have access to their own FE Absence log in the University College Birmingham Portal.

Please bear in mind that illness/injury will be classed as an unauthorised absence, although in certain circumstances, a doctor’s note may still be required by your tutor.

Identity Cards

You should be prepared to identify yourself at all times, using your student identity card which was issued to you when you enrolled. Apart from guests using restaurants, salons and the health spa, the University College Birmingham policy is no visitors.

Identity cards will be issued at enrolment and must be used to gain access every time you enter the building. The card also doubles as a library card.

If you lose the card you must replace it at your own cost. Replacement ID Cards can be obtained from the Finance and Information Services Unit (FISU) on the First Floor of The Link.

Personal Property

Students are strongly advised to take care of their personal property and not leave valuable possessions unattended.


If you undertake practical studies you can, if you wish, hire a locker for your belongings. A deposit will secure a key and the deposit will be refunded when the key is returned, if you have not lost a key during the year. On the Summer Row Campus, keys for lockers are available from the Technicians in Room 200 on the Second Floor. In Richmond House, keys are available from Room 612 on the Sixth Floor. Under no circumstances should you leave anything of value in your locker.

Many locker rooms have security cameras, but do not let this give you a false sense of security. Always take any valuables (including your knives, watches, trainers, etc.) out of your locker. Do not leave your locker open when you are not using it (not even to nip to the toilet or chat in the next aisle!). Thieves can be very quick.

At the end of each academic year, please clear your locker of its contents and return the key to Room 200 (even if you plan to continue study at University College Birmingham in the following academic year). The date by which you should clear your locker and return the key is on the envelope which contains your key and also on posters around the changing areas.


You are advised to take out some form of insurance to protect your belongings. Endsleigh Insurance Company has specially designed packages recommended by the NUS for students. You should look for the best insurance policy specifically designed for your needs. Always read everything before you take out any policy to ensure you are getting what you want. Total up the value of all your possessions and work out the cost of replacing them if they were stolen.

If you would like to know more about this policy or other services (i.e. motor or travel insurance), call into your local Endsleigh Office.

Protect your Personal Possessions.

Please note University College Birmingham cannot insure your personal belongings.


Please ensure that your name is on all your equipment. Knives and scissors can be engraved with your initials at minimal cost. This will ensure that if you do lose anything, it can be quickly identified and returned to you.

Take care of your personal possessions.

Statement of General Policy

Our policy is to take all reasonable and practicable steps to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all of our employees and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. This general principle is extended to students, contractors and members of the general public using or visiting the University College Birmingham’s facilities.

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