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Assessment Fairness and Marking

This page explains about how University College Birmingham ensures that all work undertaken and examinations sat by our students are considered fairly.

University College Birmingham places a great importance on ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to do well. There are a number of practices in place to support this.

Academic Misconduct

Cheating, collusion, plagiarism and other breaches of the Assessment Regulations are taken very seriously by University College Birmingham.

For further information about plagiarism, please see University College Birmingham's Code of Practice on Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct. University College Birmingham's disciplinary procedures relating to assessment offences are shown in Section C of the General Student Regulations.

In the event that you are involved in any allegation of an assessment offence, you may wish to seek advice from the Guild of Students.

Plagiarism and Academic MisconductStudent Regulations

Ensuring that the grades you are awarded are fair

All assessments are subject to both internal and external verification. This means that the marks awarded for assessments will be checked and verified both by internal and external verifiers to ensure that they are consistent, fair and in line with national standards.

The certificate for your qualification

On successful completion of a course, all students are awarded a certificate. Your Group Tutor can provide, on request, a reference which includes information about placements, prizes or other achievements.

The Registry will post your certificate to the address on your Student Record identified as "Permanent". If it does not arrive in the post, then please contact the Deputy Registrar, in The Academic Registry, Third Floor of The Link, who can organise one free replacement for you within six months of the completion of your course. You should update your address if you change it because if the certificate is posted to an incorrect address, you will have to pay for a replacement.

If a student requires a letter to confirm academic progress within the academic year and before final results have been published, students can contact their Group Tutor for this. Registry may also be able to provide a letter confirming a student’s current status if required.

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