Welcome back to University College Birmingham

Welcome back to our returning undergraduate students

Please see below information for all returning undergraduate students re-enrolling in October 2023. This will cover:

Online registration

You have been sent an online registration email. You must register online before your induction date. To complete online registration please go to your UCB Portal and select Online Registration.

Please note: this will only be available once you have been allowed to progress and results have been released.


When you have completed online registration, if you are an international student, you will also be required to upload your ID (see ID options below). You can do this via the UCB Portal, selecting the “Enrolment” option from the menu, then “Documents” – here you can click ‘Add file’ and upload your ID documents.

For all other students, once you return to campus, you will only need to swipe your ID card, and your enrolment will be automatically completed.

Please note: if your name is now different from the name on the documentation you provide to us, please also upload evidence to support your name change, e.g. deed poll document or marriage certificate. All our systems will use the name on your official documentation.

Acceptable Identity documentation – UK/EEA Nationals

  • British or EU Passport
  • European Identity Card

If you do not have a passport, please upload your:

  • Birth certificate


  • Another form of photo ID, such as a driving licence or proof of age card*

*Please note that we may require additional evidence before we can complete your enrolment.

Acceptable Identity documentation – Non-UK/EEA Nationals

  • A non-UK/EEA passport


  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)


  • Visa document


  • Home Office letter confirming your residency status in the UK

If you are an asylum seeker, please upload your Application Registration Card.

If you don’t have any documentation to confirm your immigration status in the UK, University College Birmingham will ask for your permission to request this information from the Home Office.

Next steps

  • Our Finance and Student Records Team will review your enrolment details to ensure they are complete and match the information we hold from Student Finance England to ensure your tuition fee loan is in place.
  • Home students - if your tuition fee loan is fully approved (and, for international students, we are happy with the ID that you have uploaded) you will then be sent confirmation that you have been enrolled for the 2023/24 academic year.
  • International students – if we are happy with the ID you have uploaded and you have paid your tuition fees (a minimum of 50% is required at enrolment) you will be sent confirmation of your enrolment.

Remember that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your student loan is in place.If your loan is not fully approved at the time of enrolment, or we are not clear on how you intend to pay your tuition fees, we will charge the cost of the tuition fees directly to you and you will be informed of the dates that payment is required. If your tuition fee loan is approved at a later date and you have already made payments to UCB in respect of your tuition fees, we will refund you upon release of payment from the Student Loans Company.

  • Providing everything is in place, you will be enrolled, and a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must swipe your ID card on entering the campus at the turnstiles in order to complete your enrolment.


Teaching commences on 2 October 2023. Timetables will be issued for your course during the course induction.

Term dates

Induction and course-specific information

Further information specific to your course, including induction timetables, any uniform/kit requirements and our Kick-Start Scheme, is available below. 

Important dates

Accommodation move-in weekend: 2 September 2023
Enrolment: 18 September 2023 - 22 September 2023
Induction: 25 September 2023 - 29 September 2023
Teaching: w/c 2 October 2023

Note: Further additions and changes may be made to these timetables ahead of induction week. Please check this page prior to your scheduled induction activities for any updates or amendments.
Campus abbreviations: MH - McIntyre House, MS - Moss House, SR - Summer Row, CH - Camden House

International Foundation Diploma

Important information

The Kick-Start Scheme

The Kick-Start Scheme provides students targeted financial support to spend on educational resources and a range of products and services to compliment your studies and enhance your student experience.

Find out more


Find out more information about our tuition fees, as well as student finance and scholarships and fee waivers.

Find out more

Guild of Students

Run by students, for students, the Guild is your students’ union and the home of student life at University College Birmingham.

Find out more

IT support

Find out more about our IT support services and computer facilities across the university.

Find out more

Centre for Academic Skills and English (CASE)

CASE is open to all students and is there to develop academic skills as well as improve students' coursework and examination outcomes.

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Health and Wellbeing

We recognise that good health and wellbeing are fundamental for effective study and a positive student experience. Find out how we can support you during your studies.

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Preparing you for study

Whether you are new to University College Birmingham or returning from placement, the Preparing You for Study courses will introduce you to (or refresh your memory about) the academic skills you will be expected to learn and practice as a student at the university. There is one course for undergraduates (levels 4, 5 and 6) and one for postgraduates (level 7).

The courses include videos from staff and students telling you what to expect from your time at University College Birmingham. They also include lessons about a range of academic skills with a chance to check your understanding as you go. You'll also learn more about the support available to you during your studies.

Each course takes about 60-90 minutes to complete, but you do not have to do it all in one sitting. You can complete a few lessons at a time and come back to the course later.

If you have your student login, you can access the Preparing You for Study Canvas course here. We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

For undergraduates For postgraduates

Team sport

University College Birmingham is happy to have several sport teams. These teams compete in the BUCS (British University & Colleges Sports) leagues against other universities. Being a member of a sport team can enhance your time at university by keeping you physically active and helping you meet new friends.

  • Basketball (men’s)
  • Football (men’s)

  • Jiu Jitsu (mixed)

  • Netball (women’s)

  • Rugby (men’s)

  • Volleyball (men’s and women’s)

Each team will have weekly training per week with a professional coach, with competitive matches being held most Wednesday afternoons.

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