Accommodation FAQs

 Accommodation policy for 2020-21 contracts 

For all accommodation contracts with a start date in September 2020, we will not require payment of agreed rent if a student cannot safely reach the campus because of travel restrictions relating to Covid-19, or if we are not able to open the campus for teaching because of Covid-19 restrictions. We will expect students to pay for any full or part weeks that they are occupying their accommodation, as per the terms of the contract. If government advice allows a student to move into their accommodation, but they choose not to attend, it will not be possible to cancel the contract. For students whose primary address is in the UK, the usual contract terms will be in force, and normal rent payment will be expected from the earlier of either the first date of room occupancy, or from one week after UK government restrictions allow students to attend. For students whose primary address is outside the UK, the usual contract terms will be in force, and normal rent payment will be expected from the earlier of either the first date of room occupancy, or from one week after both the UK and the relevant overseas government restrictions allow students to travel.


You can find the answers to our most commonly asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please contact our Accommodation Team:

By telephone: 0121 232 4131

By email:

In person: staff are available on a drop-in basis at Student Services, The Link, Summer Row, B3 1LB

The application process

How do I apply for accommodation?
Can I view the accommodation?
When will I receive an offer of accommodation?
How do I receive my accommodation offer?
What if I'm on holiday when I receive my offer?
What is in the room?
Catering or self-catering?
Am I guaranteed accommodation?
Do you have a quiet / mature block?
Can I apply for only one semester?
Help! I've made a mistake on my application form.
Are there application deadlines?
Do you have single-sex flats?
Do you offer accommodation for couples or students with children?
Can I cancel my accommodation application?
Can I cancel once I have accepted the accommodation offer?
My offer has been cancelled. What should I do?
Are there payments to be made?

Moving in

Can I get my room number?
Can I bring a TV and will I need a TV licence?
Are my belongings insured?
When can I move into the halls of residence?
Can I move in before the contract begins?
Where is the accommodation?
What should I bring with me?
How much money do I need to live off?

Once you've moved in

Am I allowed pets?
Can I park my car or motorcycle?
Can I have guests?
Can I move rooms?
When is the reception open?
Can I stay during holiday periods?
Do you offer storage?
What is the Student Accommodation Code?
Can I vacate the halls?
Is the internet included in the costs?
Will my room and flat be cleaned?
How do I report any problems?
Can I store a bicycle?
Where does my post go?
Is there a laundry service?

When payments are due 

Payment examples are set out in the application form under the section ‘Payment Preferences’. These will vary in relation to your student status. Those with an entitlement to a Student Loan can pay in three instalments. Those from Overseas and the EU can pay monthly. All residents have the option to pay in full.

Accommodation Fee Summary 2020/21

Full Year


Semester One


Semester Two