Accommodation FAQs

You can find the answers to our most commonly asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please contact our Accommodation Team:

By telephone: 0121 232 4131

By email:

In person: staff are available on a drop-in basis at Student Services, 7th Floor, Summer Row building. 

The application process 

How do I apply for accommodation?
Can I view the accommodation?
When will I receive an offer of accommodation?
How do I receive my accommodation offer?
What if I'm on holiday when I receive my offer?
What is in the room?
Catering or self-catering?
Am I guaranteed accommodation?
Do you have a quiet / mature block?
Can I apply for only one semester?
Help! I've made a mistake on my application form.
Are there application deadlines?
Do you have single-sex flats?
Do you offer accommodation for couples or students with children?
Can I cancel my accommodation application?
Can I cancel once I have accepted the accommodation offer?
My offer has been cancelled. What should I do?
Are there payments to be made?

Moving in 

Can I get my room number?
Can I bring a TV and will I need a TV licence?
Are my belongings insured?
When can I move into the halls of residence?
Can I move in before the contract begins?
Where is the accommodation?
What should I bring with me?

Once you've moved in 

Am I allowed pets?
Can I park my car or motorcycle?
Can I have guests?
Can I move rooms?
When is the reception open?
Can I stay during holiday periods?
Do you offer storage?
What is the Student Accommodation Code?
Can I vacate the halls?
Is the internet included in the costs?
Will my room and flat be cleaned?
How do I report any problems?
Can I store a bicycle?
Where does my post go?
Is there a laundry service?

When payments are due 

Payment examples are set out in the application form under the section ‘Payment Preferences’. These will vary as to your student status.