May 2023

Jess’s Story

By Jess Fassnidge

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Jess Fassnidge

Strength, Conditioning and Performance MSc

Women's football team captain and aspiring coach

Studying a master's at University College Birmingham has helped footballer Jess make an immediate real-life impact in the sporting sphere.

As a player, captain and coach for Worcester City Women FC, she fully understands the importance of strength and conditioning for sporting success and is passionate about helping other players to improve their performance.

Completing her MSc in Strength, Conditioning and Performance in January 2023, she has also turned her skills and knowledge to working as an exercise physiologist with the University of Worcester and coaching walking football for people with neurological conditions.

"Taking this strength and conditioning course at University College Birmingham has already provided me with so much valuable information," said Jess, who has ambitions to pursue a career at the top of her sport in the FA Women's Super League (WSL).

"I decided to study here because I had heard great things about the Strength, Conditioning and Performance course. The facilities are unbelievable and the learning environment is equally supportive yet challenging.

"The lecturers on the course really make it an enjoyable experience to learn and you are surrounded by like-minded people."

During her studies, Jess was also awarded one of the University's Sporting Excellence Scholarships, providing a range of benefits including funding, access to state-of-the-art sports facilities on campus and a personalised support programme.

"It is brilliant to see the University offer these awards to students to enhance their development in sport," said Jess. "It makes a huge difference knowing you have this support to be able to continue growing and improving in a sport you love as a result of this scholarship."


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