Welcome to University College Birmingham

Welcome information for new college students enrolling in September 2021

The information below will help you prepare for enrolment and the start of your course. This will cover:

Online registration and enrolment

Step 1 – Complete your online registration

If you have been offered a place at University College Birmingham, you will be sent an email from our Admissions team to complete your online registration. It is really important that you complete your online registration before you are able to proceed to online enrolment.

To complete online registration, students will be sent a text and an email. The text message you receive will contain your UCB student ID, the email that is sent to you will contain a unique URL link that will allow you to create your university student account with us.

Once you have completed creating your account you will then be directed to complete your online registration. To access your student portal click here.

Important - If you have not received your email or text message, call our Admissions team on 0121 214 2919 or complete our enquiry form here and we will help you to activate your account and complete your online registration.

Step 2 - Take a photo of your results and upload to your UCB student account

If you are receiving your results on the 12th of August we require you to upload your GCSE results slip and any other confirmation of grades you have received showcasing your achievements.

To upload your results you will need to use your UCB ID and password you created in Step 1 above. Please use this link as it will take you straight to your student dashboard.

Once you have logged in please navigate to the course applications section of your dashboard.

You will then see the option to upload images of your information. Once you have uploaded your information you’ll need to hit the verify and save button for our Admissions team to be able to assess your achievement.

Important – Do not email us your results information. If you are having trouble uploading your results don’t worry our Admissions team will call you during your course specific enrolment slot to help you with this process.

Step 3 – Online enrolment

Opens: Thursday 12 August
Closes: Course starts 6 September. You must enrol before.

For term dates click here.

Unconditional Offer Holders

Anyone holding an unconditional offer can start the enrolment process from the 12th of August.

Conditional Offer Holders

This means you have conditions outstanding (in most cases this is evidence of qualifications which we need you to send to us). Please upload these as described in step two.

All offer holders who have accepted UCB will receive a call between Thursday 12th August – Saturday 14th August from our Admissions enrolment team.

  • We will call you to support you with uploading your results if you haven’t already done so
  • If you have uploaded your results our admissions team will checking that your results have met the conditions of your offer and call you to confirm if you have been successful in securing a place with us.
  • Important – Even if you haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for please still upload them so we can see if there is another course in our portfolio that we can offer you, our admissions team and teaching teams will be working together to see what we can offer you.

When will I receive my call?

Each College course at UCB will have a specific call time so please read the following schedule carefully. Please do not call us as we will call you during your specific course slot.

Table of College Enrolment

Please make sure your email and phone contact details are up to date as these are the credentials we will use to contact you.

If you manage to do all of the online enrolment tasks on your own in the UCB portal, our admissions team will still call you to congratulate you on completing your online enrolment with us and ensure you have everything you need to begin with us in September.

For those that don’t complete enrolment during the first week, we will still contact you to support you with your tasks throughout August.

What if I've changed my mind and don't want to enrol at University College Birmingham?

If you have changed your mind and no longer wish to enrol, you must let us know as soon as possible so we can offer your place to someone else. Please call 0121 214 2919 or complete our enquiry form here.

Step 4 – Upload proof of your ID and a picture for your student card

From the 12th of August you will have enrolment tasks that you will need to complete. After you have uploaded your results and you have secured a place at UCB you will need to upload a picture of yourself for your UCB Student ID card, secondly, you will need to upload an image of a form of official identity please use the drop-downs below to see what is acceptable for online enrolment.

Once you have completed these tasks our Finance and Student Records Team will review your images to ensure they are acceptable.

Please note: if your name is now different from the name on the documentation you provide to us, please also upload evidence to support your name change, e.g. deed poll document or marriage certificate. All our systems will use the name on your official documentation.

Our Finance and Student Records Team will then review your enrolment details to decide if any fees may need to be paid, or whether we need any further information from you. For example, if you are over 19 and enrolled onto a further education course, we will need to make sure we have seen the relevant evidence to waiver tuition fees if this is possible.

Once you have uploaded your ID and photo and we have checked that you are not required to pay fees (or confirmed your loan is in place, for those who need a loan), you will automatically be enrolled.

If we require further information then we will contact you either by phone or email and discuss this with you. You may be asked to provide further evidence before your enrolment is considered complete.

Acceptable Identity documentation – UK/EEA Nationals

  • British or EU Passport
  • European Identity Card

If you do not have a passport, please upload your:

  • Birth certificate


  • Another form of photo ID, such as a driving licence or proof of age card*

*Please note that we may require additional evidence before we can complete your enrolment.

Acceptable Identity documentation – Non-UK/EEA Nationals

  • A non-UK/EEA passport


  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)


  • Visa document


  • Home Office letter confirming your residency status in the UK

If you are an asylum seeker, please upload your Application Registration Card.

If you don’t have any documentation to confirm your immigration status in the UK, University College Birmingham will ask for your permission to request this information from the Home Office.

Step 5 - Collect your UCB student ID Card

One of the best feeling after all of the enrolment processes is collecting your UCB student ID card, this card will give you access to all of the campus facilities.

You will be able to collect your UCB student ID in person from our Camden House building from the 23rd of August. How to find Camden House.

Please make sure you bring with you when collecting your UCB ID, the identity documentation outlined above in Step 4.

Induction and course-specific information

  • Please complete the following documents and bring them to your subject lecturer, including any additional uniform or equipment forms that are required for your course.

Medical formParental consent form

The Learner Support Fund may be able to assist home students financially with additional costs of studying, such as equipment, childcare and travel. If you would like to check your eligibility for the Learner Support Fund, or if you would like an application form, please contact our Student Budget Counsellor:

Tel: 0121 232 4405

Email: s.services@ucb.ac.uk

Access to Higher Education - Business

Access to Higher Education - Computer Science

Access to Higher Education - Health

Information and Creative Technology (ICT)

Pre-Access to Higher Education Certificate (Skills in Health)

T-Level - Education and Childcare

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