Sporting Excellence Scholarship

Up to 6 student sporting excellence scholarships in each academic year

An Elite performer’ financial support package would be available to students competing at National, junior international or international representation to be awarded up to £3000 funding towards competitions, training costs and equipment over 3 years. Additional grant awards available for international representation subject to panel approval. Students would be required to evidence costs and claim these back from the scholarship fund. 

 A Talented performer’ financial support package would be available to students competing at county level or above with the potential to progress to be awarded up to £1500 over 3 years. 

The scholarship would also include UCB branded training kit, free UCB gym membership and an individually tailored programme which may include nutrition, sports psychology, strength and conditioning programme and lifestyle support. Additionally, weekly sports therapy/massage is available.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

These scholarships are open to applicants from any country. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in sporting achievement.

Applicants must have accepted an offer of a place on a full-time taught programme at UCB and the chosen programme should be of at least one year's duration and leading to an academic award at Higher Education level. Applicants must not previously have been enrolled on the programme concerned, previously been enrolled on a FdA programme at the University in the same subject area (if entering the final year of a first degree programme) or have previously received a scholarship from the University.

The award of a Sporting Excellence Scholarship is subject to any necessary visa clearance by the UK immigration authorities. An offer of a Sporting Excellence Scholarship will be made to successful applicants and this offer may be used as evidence to the UK authorities of certain costs being met. However, if a visa is not permitted the Scholarship will be withdrawn and there is no automatic reconsideration at any future point.

Applications procedure

Applicants must complete the standard application form. Ensure that the category of scholarship applied for is clearly noted and provide full documentary evidence of sporting/arts excellence with the application.

Scholarship Application Form

Applications must be sent to:

Sporting Excellence Scholarships,
Mark Godwin,
Moss House,
University College Birmingham,
B3 1JJ

Application dates

Although there are a limited number of scholarships in this category each year, applications can be considered for entry as soon as you have applied for a place on an undergraduate (FdA, FdSc, BA or BSc) programme at UCB. Applications will be considered in strict turn and, as there is only a small number of these scholarships available, early applications are more likely to be successful.

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