Technology and Equipment Available

University College Birmingham understands the importance that technology may have to support and assist students with disabilities throughout their studies. Specialised equipment available for students studying at University College Birmingham includes: 

  • Induction loops – fitted in various locations
  • A Mini-Com system
  • A Deaf Alerter system – Summer Row/Richmond House/The Maltings Halls of Residence
  • Braille Signage
  • Braille Printers
  • Automatic/Motorised doors to allow wheelchair access
  • CCTV and video magnifiers
  • A range of computers and software packages readily accessible
  • Online accessibility to E-books and library resources
  • UCB On-line accessibility to course-related materials
  • Lucid Adult Dyslexia Screening (LADS) software 

Should there be other equipment available that will support your learning needs; we will consider how best this might be provided. 

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