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Samuel Ashwin

Senior Ambassador
Aviation Management MSc

The best thing about being a student ambassador is meeting over 60 student ambassadors this year, as well as several students from other courses at University College Birmingham, and learning and understanding their culture and life.

Being a student ambassador has enabled me to attend several events within and outside the University and learn a lot about students joining universities from around the UK and the world. It has developed my understanding and appreciation of the UK culture and life at such a reputed university.

I was also ecstatic to be recognised and win the 2021/22 Ambassador of the Year Award and be promoted to the role of senior student ambassador for 2022/23.

For anyone looking to become a student ambassador, what I can say is that you certainly will not regret it. Being an ambassador is fun and gives you a range of significant opportunities. Step out of your comfort zone, meet new people and make friends for life, learn new skills, and earn extra money.

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