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The Apprenticeship Charter

The training and development of an apprentice is a three-way partnership between the employer, the apprentice and University College Birmingham. 

The Apprenticeship Charter outlines the responsibilities of all three parties. Everyone must agree to adhere to the guidelines.

Employer responsibilities: 

  • Support through supervision and  constant development
  • Duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees
  • Provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to enable individuals to develop 

Apprentice responsibilities: 

  • Follow the employer's lawful instructions
  • Participate in negotiating the training plan for the apprenticeship
  • Attend work, perform duties required and make reasonable progress to achieve the competencies negotiated in the training plan
  • Maintain courteous and professional behaviour
  • Understand that all information obtained from the employer and given in confidence must be kept confidential
  • Take care of workplace property and resources
  • Record any training and assessments for the qualification portfolio
  • Work safely, not just for personal safety but for that of co-workers
  • Attend training sessions at UCB and supervised workplace activities - take advantage of learning opportunities
  • Maintain good time-keeping  

University College Birmingham responsibilities: 

  • Provide an overview of apprenticeships
  • Screen candidates and select only the most suitable ones
  • Help employers choose the right Apprenticeship Framework
  • Help employers to do more to attract and develop young talent
  • Manage the training and evaluation process
  • Support the apprentice throughout their training programme
  • Advise on progression opportunities
  • Provide tools and guidance to successfully manage the apprenticeship
  • Allocate a dedicated assessor to the apprentice 

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