May 2023

Paulina’s Story

By Paulina Tumosa

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Paulina Tumosa

Aesthetic Practitioner BA (Hons)

Founder of Satin Skin Aesthetic Clinic

Paulina knew she wanted her own business – and needed to start saving – from the moment she began her degree at University College Birmingham.

"My mum had quite a big salon back home in Lithuania and I saw how everything was run," she said.

Paulina found a small commercial area to rent in Smethwick and purchased the equipment and lasers she needed, but it was the University’s Creative Futures Incubator scheme that made her business dreams come to life.

"For someone who is opening their business, they were amazing – the support they provided was excellent," said Paulina, who was one of the first graduates selected for the scheme.

"They were so detailed with everything, you saw that they cared about you."

Support included 1:1 sessions, a 12-week digital enterprise course and a series of online seminars on business planning, strategy and marketing techniques, plus £2,500 in grants.

"I was very pleased that the University actually organised this type of thing," she added.

With a strong work ethic, Paulina believes everything is possible, so it was no surprise when her salon Satin Skin Aesthetic Clinic opened in spring 2023.


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