April 2023

Omkar’s Story

By Omkar Gaikwad

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Omkar Gaikwad

Culinary Arts Management BA (Hons)

From India to the world

Indian student Omkar has been passionate about food since he was little, helping his mum make traditional breakfasts and sweets from the age of six.

Setting his sights on University College Birmingham's Culinary Arts Management BA (Hons), he needed to get everything in order to make sure it happened. Thanks to the support of the University’s international agents in India and UK-based admissions team, the process was hassle-free.

“I had no clue where to start, but they made it really easy for me, walking me through my checklist and ensuring I had covered everything," said Omkar, who undertook a placement at the five-star Celtic Manor Resort during his studies.

“When it was time to come over, I thought I would have a major culture shock and it would take forever to get used to things, but I felt at home straight away. I even became a student ambassador, I settled in so well.

“After four years, I feel I can now step out into industry with confidence.”


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