April 2020

Kate’s Story

By Kate Lamb

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Moss House Main Foyer  - University College Birmingham

Kate Lamb

Primary Education Studies BA (Hons)

Course manager and lecturer

After qualifying as a primary school teacher, Kate first worked in a number of schools across the West Midlands in foundation stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Chalking up experience in roles such as science and maths coordinator through to becoming a member of the senior leadership team, Kate gained her Master’s of Arts in Education before taking on a lecturer post at University College Birmingham.

She said she was excited about leading on the new, accelerated course.

“University College Birmingham is the only higher education institution in the region to offer such a course, enabling students to achieve a BA (Hons) degree in just two years, which is not only more cost effective, but means they can apply for graduate jobs potentially a whole year sooner than those enrolled on three-year courses,” she said.

“It offers an additional route towards gaining Qualified Teacher Status, as well as providing students with knowledge and skills for alternative careers in the education of primary-aged children.”

She added that a new, specialist workroom had been specifically designed for use by students on education-based courses. “Students will have access to current, specialist equipment and resources to develop their working knowledge,” she said.

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