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I originally studied Bakery and Confectionery Level 1 & 2 at UCB whilst working in a small craft bakery. I then joined a large wholesale patisserie bakery before moving into the retail sector of the Baking Industry. I returned to UCB to study Level Three Bakery and joined UCB two years later in the capacity of Bakery Technician. I gained an A1, PTLLS and finally a DTLLS during the transition into my now lecturing role. I am a member of The Tutorial Working Group which involves the development of ProMonitor. My key department responsibilities are centred on the curriculum learning resources for UCB online in addition to mentoring learners in developing employability skills.


Bread Practical and Theory Level One, Two & Three, Level One & Two Bakery Employability.

Research interests and scholarly activity

Assisting and developing new bakery qualifications including technical assessments.

Birmingham College of Food

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