May 2014

UCB Airlines ready for take-off

Read time: approx 1 mins

Second-year Travel & Tourism BTEC students have been running demonstrations of airplane procedures as part of an enrichment exercise. 

Transforming a UCB classroom into an airplane, the role-play begins with the cabin crew meeting and greeting passengers with their boarding passes as they step into the plane. Once everyone is seated, the cabin crew is responsible for demonstrating the safety procedures using airline props and pointing out the emergency exits. 

Once the plane is in the air, the next stage is dispensing refreshments from a narrow trolley specially designed for the aisle. The cabin crew must also showcase their selling techniques when informing passengers of the range of duty free products available on board. 

Beverley Lord, UCB lecturer, said: “This practice run brings together all the different procedures expected before take-off, in-flight, and landing. We get some student volunteers to be passengers, and it’s a fun way of running through a practical exercise and putting students in a real-life situation where they will need to work together as a team. 

“This airplane procedures demonstration is an additional college certificate that Travel & Tourism students can take advantage of. This is just one of the elements of the ‘cabin crew’ course and also includes pre-flight briefings, customer service and maintaining communication.”

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