July 2015

Teaching assistants celebrate after achieving Professional Development Diplomas

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Teaching assistants have been awarded Diplomas in Professional Development (Special Educational Needs) by UCB in partnership with the Pupil Support Service of Birmingham. 

The students studied on a part-time basis over the course of one academic year, and a celebration event was held at UCB’s McIntyre House in honour of their achievements. 

Students were presented with their certificates by Danielle Carey, UCB’s Dean of the School of Education and Community. The event was also attended by UCB Senior Curriculum Leader Vicky Wynne; Terri Cawser, from Pupil and School Support; Joan Adams, from Access to Education; and the students’ friends and family. 

"When the students started the course they were a little apprehensive, but they were eager to learn and had a real passion for working with children. Now they are able to demonstrate their knowledge through analytical and critical abilities and apply their academic knowledge to their professional lives."

Vicky Wynne, Senior Curriculum Leader for the School of Education and Community

The students all agreed the course had provided them with new ideas and strategies for working with children. Some are looking to explore further study with UCB. 

“The course really helped to boost my confidence,” said student Anne Mann, “Writing reports and reflective essays was a challenge, but it really helped put what I’ve learned into context. Enrolling on this course was a big step, but I’m pleased I did it.” 

Karen Boylen said: “Studying helped refresh my brain and broaden my perspective. It allowed me to get acquainted with different classroom strategies and apply academic theory to support my own professional experience.” 

Joan Adams, Head of Service for Access to Education, said: “Every one of these students should be very proud to be developing their skills to help vulnerable children in both primary and secondary schools.”

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