August 2014

SWUN students excel on their UCB Summer Camp

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Students from the South Western University for Nationalities (SWUN) in visited UCB this summer to experience studying English in the UK.

Based in Chengdu in the People’s Republic of China, SWUN is a successful and respected University that works with experts, scholars and government officials from over 70 countries. SWUN have been working with UCB for more than a decade, and many of its students have joined UCB to take Honours and Masters Degrees. Each summer, SWUN bring a select group of students to the UCB Summer Camp to take intensive English lessons, visit many UK cities and local attractions, and experience UK study, often for the first time.

English language teachers Josi Parker and Lorraine Mighty organised and delivered the sessions, with support from Stephen Dudley, who led the curriculum design, and staff from UCB Business School who provided guest lectures. Students worked hard, often being in the classroom for up to six hours a day. Stuart Perks did excellent work in organising a series of day visits around the UK to give a good all round experience of UK life and culture.

Andy Roberts, Assistant Dean of the UCB Business School, said: “The students were very impressed with the standards of teaching, McIntyre House, and the city of Birmingham and were all very pleased they came to UCB this summer.

“UCB was happy to accommodate such respectful and hard working students – and was delighted that there was no need to apologise for the UK weather!”

UCB wishes to thank Yuping Lang and Ms. Ma, the senior SWUN staff accompanying the students, whose diligence and hard work contributed significantly to the Summer School’s success. We look forward to SWUN Summer School 2015.

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