May 2016

Student business ideas could become reality

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A city finance group have visited UCB business students and given them a presentation to raise awareness of the investments they have available for new business ventures. 

Seven Capital is investing in Birmingham’s next generation of businesspeople by inviting young entrepreneurs to contact them in a bid to turn their business plans into reality. They are prepared to invest up to £200,000 in each new venture, with the aim of commercialising good ideas. 

The presentation they gave to UCB students was to provide them with an insight into what investors and Private Equity would look for from both a business plan for a new business idea, as well as the individuals involved, in order to assess the viability of a new concept or idea. 

Academic staff of the Business School highlighted that this was a great opportunity for the Business Enterprise students to not only develop a Business Plan for the purpose of their final year assessment, but the fact that they could pitch their ideas to actual investors, enhanced the value of their research. 

Seven Capital StartUp is one of the very few organisations that is prepared to invest considerable sums of money in local young people who want to bring their exciting new ideas to market. This is generally viewed by investors as being at the ‘very risky’ end of the investment market. However, we view it as not just about the money but also providing mentoring and opportunities for exceptional young people to grow and learn about business from within a diverse but fast growing company like Seven Capital.

Andy Robinson Development Director of Seven Capital

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