June 2014

Creature creations come to life

Read time: approx 1 mins

Fantastic creations and nightmarish creatures invaded UCB as Specialist Hair and Media Make-up students held exhibitions to showcase their prosthetics techniques. 

The second-year students staged showcases in The Brasserie as part of their Advanced Prosthetics and Casting module and chose their own models to show off their hard work. Each showcase had its own theme: Mythical Beings or Your Worst Nightmare. 

Not only did the students have to design, sculpt, mould and cast their own prosthetics, but they also had to create make-up, hair, costume and special scenery design to help enhance their theme. 

Each model was required to wear at least one fully-prepared silicone prosthetic piece, with the potential to include two other prosthetics, such as bald caps, with materials and designs of their choice. Visitors and guests were invited to admire their work and techniques throughout the process. 

Marks were also awarded on how well the students’ models could showcase the prosthetics, so poses and stances were rehearsed before the photo shoot to allow to the models to get into character.  

The students put in lots of hours outside lectures in order to prepare for this and I am very impressed with their commitment and pleased with their results. A lot of thought and effort was put into creating staging and surroundings to help enhance the characteristics of the idea they created.

Veronica McAleer Hair and Media Make-up lecturer

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