October 2017

All adding up for Andrew

Read time: approx 1 mins

Predicted a Grade B, UCB second year Sports Studies student Andrew Goodger felt pretty confident about passing his maths GCSE at school. 

To his disappointment, however, the 17-year-old achieved a Grade D – missing a Grade C by just two marks – and started college seeking support to pass this key subject. 

“It was a whole different environment at school and, for whatever reason, I felt under more pressure,” he said. 

“My maths tutor at UCB, Katie, helped me understand some of the key topics I was feeling unconfident about with individual one-to-ones, broke it all down for me, and I went into the exam feeling much more prepared.” 

Andrew achieved a Grade C in the summer and is now looking forward to a career in the sports industry, making the most of his time at UCB by taking extra courses including basketball coaching and a fitness instructor course.

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