May 2023

Sam’s Story

By Sam Hellala

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Sam Hellala

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Business)

Entrepreneur with UK business ambitions

Keen to start his own business in Birmingham, Sam saw University College Birmingham's Access to Higher Education Diploma as the ideal stepping stone towards his future.

Having previously worked and operated firms in countries around the Middle East and Europe, he arrived in the UK with plenty of experience in business yet needing a suitable Level 3 qualification to progress onto higher education.

Sam explained how the Access to Higher Education Diploma had not only served this purpose but also helped him to better understand facets of running a business in the UK.

"The most interesting thing has been learning how businesses operate in this country," he said. "I've worked in six different countries before and it's very different here.

"I have found it useful learning the academic side, logistics, and also everything you need to know about law and the legal aspects as well. You can find these on the Government website but by yourself you're not going to understand it as it's not that simple.

"I would say another benefit is I've become better at time management and organising my time."

With plans to progress onto a degree in Business Management, Sam has ambitions to open his own restaurant in Birmingham, having grown fond of the city during his studies.

"I will probably stay in Birmingham," he said. "My experience here has been positive. It's diverse and I've met a lot of interesting people. Plus it's calmer than London and the prices are lower!"


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