June 2020

Ellouise’s Story

By Ellouise Badger

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Ellouise Badger

Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3

Providing top-grade support

Committed to working in schools, Ellouise found the significant work placement element a huge draw when choosing a course to help her realise her goal. 

The flexibility she was given to balance her placement and studies was also a real selling point. 

She chose to attend an evening class on Wednesdays and was able to pick which two days she went into school to support.

“I saw there was a large placement element on this course, which was exactly what I was looking for, and I cannot stress enough how useful it was to be in a school setting, learning through doing. 

“It was a great learning experience for me to help me become a confident, professional, and supportive member of staff.

“I think other students who are working or are parents find the flexibility really useful too.”

Ellouise, who completed her Level 2 and is going onto Level 3, added: “My tutors were so happy to support me as best as they could, providing all the information I needed, and giving me plenty of opportunities to ask questions too.

“My future career plan is now to either stick with assisting in schools or study further to qualify as a primary school teacher.”

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