After you Have Applied

Replying to applications

Upon receipt of an application, the Postgraduate or International Admissions team aims to respond to applicants within 10 working days. This period may be longer if the teams require additional information. Standard offers are normally based on academic requirements, English language requirements (if appropriate) and receipt of two suitable letters of reference.

Each application is considered individually and careful consideration is given to all information on your form, particularly your personal statement, letter of support and the qualifications you have taken or are taking. 

Receiving Offers

The admissions team will email your official offer letter to you. If your application is successful, there are two types of offer that applicants can receive from UCB.

  • Conditional- This means we have offered you a place but with conditions attached. Conditional offers are usually made to applicants who have yet to provide the team with proof of their qualifications or submit their letter of support. Once you have met these conditions your offer will become Unconditional.
  • Unconditional - This means we have offered you a definite place, all academic requirements have been met and we are happy to accept you. At this point, Home and EU applicants will also be emailed further information about University College Birmingham and invited to come and visit us. 

Important documents 

Receiving Exam Results

If a condition of your offer is to achieve a qualification, the Admissions team will require you to send/email documentation of your course completion or upload via the application portal, click here to view the how to guide:

Contact us:

UK/EU Applicants: or call us on 0121 604 1040

International Applicants: or call us on 0121 604 1090