Higher Education Student Handbook

Getting started

This section of the University College Birmingham HE Student Handbook deals with everything you will need to organise prior to your arrival here as a First Year student and/or what you may need before you re-enrol to continue on your course if you are a returning student.

Student life

Your time here at UCB isn't all about study!  Here, we bring you information about accommodation, medical issues, how you can share your views about UCB and how you can spend your leisure time, including details about The Guild of Students.

Money matters

This section of the HE Student Handbook will assist you with financial queries you may have and also provide information about which areas of the University you should visit if you require more detailed information.

Academic matters

In this section of the HE Student Handbook, you will find information about Assessments, Examinations, Coursework and Certification of Qualifications.  It also tells you what to do if things go wrong in your studies and how to complete the Extenuating Circumstances Form.  There are details about IT access at UCB and other opportunities for study.

University rules and regulations

In this section of the HE Student Handbook, you will find a number of UCB's official policies, which are there for your information and consultation if you have any query.

Don't forget - the General Student Regulations and the Student Charter can also help with other queries you may have.