April 2023

Shania’s Story

By Shania Sheldon

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Shania Sheldon

Computer Science BSc (Hons)

Tech expert in the making

Shania was seriously contemplating studying maths at degree level when she was introduced to coding and instantly “clicked” with computer science.

Finding the way coding created a ‘story’ or a website fascinating, she decided to pursue her newfound passion and, after doing lots of research, discovered the Computer Science degree at University College Birmingham.

“What I liked most was the resources,” she said. “The University had excellent-looking computing rooms, and the variety of self-study environments was a huge attraction for me.

“On the course, I’ve loved being able to apply things I’ve taught myself to the work we’ve been doing. The coding projects have been a lot of fun and expanding my knowledge of how they would be done for a client in a real-life scenario has been interesting.

“Learning from people who also love to code naturally makes me want to continue to follow my passion and improve my knowledge of computer science. It always excites and amazes me with all there is I have yet to try.”


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