December 2022

Mike's Story

By Mike Blackham

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Mike Blackham

Nursing (Adult) BSc (Hons)

Whole new outlook

Mike had worked in aesthetics for 16 years, but with legislation changes, needed a medical qualification to provide advanced treatments - a decision which changed his whole life.

"My reasons for joining the course were different from others," he said. "However, my passion for nursing and caring for people and wanting to make a genuine difference has really surprised me. I have changed so much. I am more resilient, compassionate, understanding and my communication and listening skills have improved immeasurably.

"The memories I will take from my time at the University will stay with me for life."

He said the range of placements and the support the University had provided had been "amazing".

"I wasn’t sure where I wanted to specialise, so I was open to all placement settings," he said. "I have worked in ITU, surgical and medical wards providing post-operative care for patients recovering from routine surgery to extensive procedures.

"The most challenging placement has been working with patients in the burns unit.

"As a result of this placement and from speaking to doctors and dermatologists, we discussed how some treatments offered in the aesthetics industry such as micro-needling might benefit some patients to stimulate skin cells, provide more movement, but also improve confidence and low self-esteem.

"It would be incredible to combine both to support patients and to allow me to specialise."

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