June 2020

Afroz's Story

By Afroz Ahmed

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Afroz Ahmed

Hospitality Business Management BA (Hons)

Completing a culinary college course in his home city of Mumbai, Afroz was keen to expand on his skills overseas.

Searching for the right course, he was introduced to a representative of University College Birmingham, who talked Afroz through the degrees which could help him fulfil his dream of running his own restaurant one day.

The (International) Hospitality Business Management degree was the right fit, including a year-long placement to enable him to pursue a managerial role.

Once enrolled, the University’s International team made his transition from India to the UK easy, from helping to sort out his finances to securing accommodation.

Of his study experience, he said: “Birmingham is a multicultural city and we get to interact with lots of international students.

“For many, like me, English is not their first language, but after joining the University, you can visit the Academic Skills Centre to get help with your assignments and polish up on your English skills.

“From childhood, I dreamed of becoming a good businessman and now, I am on the right track.  It is wonderful to study here.

“The University has a great reputation inside and outside the country and I would recommend it.”


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