October 2023

Gill's Story

By Professor Gill Brown

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Professor Gill Brown

Executive Dean School of Psychology

Studying psychology was one of the best decisions Professor Gill Brown ever made, opening doors in ways she never had expected.

"I was always interested in people and why they behaved the way they did and had a particular interest in offending" said Gill. "I was glued to the latest crime-related film or documentary, trying to make sense of the many factors that were at play in an individual’s behaviour.

"My psychology degree led me to working with youth offending teams, community forensic services, the prison service, mental health inpatient and community services, then onto a career in education. I am now passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences to help students apply psychology to the real world around them."

She said the Psychology BSc at University College Birmingham would open doors for students and equip them with the skills to put the theory into practice in the real world.

"Through gaining a range of practical opportunities, work-based learning and getting hands-on experience in the lab, you will explore areas that excite you and help shape your future goals," she said. "The possibilities after this degree are endless and we will guide you through your journey and challenge you as you progress, igniting your passion for learning."

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