January 2024

Emma's Story

By Emma Davis

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Emma Davis

Lecturer in Education

Emma explains how enrolling on a foundation degree paved the way for her future career. 

"My love of Early Years has led me to pursue further study beyond a level 3 qualification.  I wanted to improve my practice and recognised that this was possible by enrolling on a foundation degree.  It paved the way for my future career, from a nursery practitioner to nursery manager, teacher and now lecturer.  The knowledge and experience gained through my foundation degree also inspired a love of learning which has seen me continue at university, achieving post graduate qualifications and now studying for a PhD.  

Making the decision to enrol for a foundation degree can be a huge step in defining your future.  Engaging in further study gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills, supporting your current or future employment.  You will gain in confidence as your understanding of child development and learning grows, influencing your professionalism in the workplace.  There will be opportunities to reflect on your current practice and consider the impact quality early education has on a child's future education. This will enable you to link practice to theory as you begin to understand social, psychological and philosophical factors in children's lives, learning and development.    

Studying for a foundation degree also enables you to develop key academic skills which are transferable to the workplace.  Taking part in lectures and seminars as well as reading and researching will impact on your key communication, and critical thinking skills.  You will also learn to work effectively in groups, sharing ideas and information with the support of knowledgeable and experiences lecturers. Your studies will influence your practice and enhance your professional development all within a nurturing, higher education environment."

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