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BA(Hons), MSc (Econ), PGCE


0121 604 1000


I am a Lecturer in the field of Business Management with a particular specialism in the area of Human Resource Management (HRM). Since 1994, I have been working in further (until 1998) and higher education (from 1998 ongoing) and during this time I have designed a range of Business and Human Resource modules for Level 3 as well as undergraduate modules at Level 4,5 and 6. In addition, I have also been responsible for designing and delivering on the professional courses for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) at the Foundation Level 3 /Certificate in Human Resource Practice and Advanced Level 7 / Postgraduate Diploma in HRM.

I am also an Internal Quality Assurer and I am currently undertaking research to explore the opportunities and constraints on the career progression of BAME women across the life course as a case study of the experiences and identities of those working in the HR Profession post Human Resource Management (HRM) Level 7 course.


Developing People in Tourism and Leading People in Tourism.

Research interests and scholarly activity

As part of my EdDoc research I am currently exploring the experiences and identities of black and minority ethnic women working in the HR profession having studied to postgraduate level. I am particularly interested in issues of educational experiences, identity formation, ethnicity, social class, gender, career development, diversity, equal opportunities, policy and practice.

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None at present.

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