Sarah Darling

Sarah's Profile

Job title

Deputy Head of Department for Nursing

Academic qualifications

MA Education, PGCert Education, PGCert Advancing Healthcare Practice, BSc (Hons) Advanced Professional Studies, DipHE Nursing


0121 604 1000


I have been a registered nurse for the last 27 years working in acute medicine, accident and emergency, cardiology, general surgery and clinical education. I specialised in education completing a teaching qualification 13 years ago, where I continued to work as a clinical educator. I now work in academic practice and leadership in UCB as Deputy Head of Department for nursing.

I work with a team that strives to support, develop and deliver education to aspiring nurses and allied health care professionals, ensuring best practice, evidence-based education and clinical training. Education facilitation is my passion and supporting student health care professionals as they progress through their journey in becoming qualified practitioners.

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