Michelle Callanan

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Job title

Assistant Dean

Academic qualifications

BA (Hons) Geography (2-1), BSocSc (Hons) Tourism Management (1st Class), Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Education and MSocSc Cultural Studies


0121 604 1000


I am the Assistant Dean for tourism and aviation programmes at University College Birmingham. I oversee all aspects of the curriculum development, teaching, learning, assessment and quality assurance of these programmes. My ‘many’ years of tourism teaching and research, alongside my background in tour operations and my extensive travel experiences, have awarded me numerous opportunities in tourism consultancy (UK and overseas), quality assurance reviews in education and the development of tourism toolkits.


My teaching interests include tourism disaster/crisis management; destination planning, development and control; international relations; tourism ethics; sustainable tourism; peace tourism; tourism project management and tourism futures.

Research interests and scholarly activity

Teaching and Learning Strategy. Teaching and Learning Development. Distributed and Academic Leadership. Professional Learning Communities. Convention centre feasibility and Cultural Intelligence.

Research Interests and Scholarly activity

My current research interests include Tourism & Geo-politics, The Malleability of Sustainability in Tourism; Tourism & Borders, Divided Destinations, Tourism in Changing Cities and the impact of selfie-tourism on dark tourism sites.

My publications and conference presentations since 2000 include:

Piekarz, M. & Callanan, M. (2012), Politics, community tourism and sustainability, in Jenkins, I & Schröder, R. (ed) Sustainability in Tourism: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Wiesbaden: Gabler Verla.

Creativity and Innovation in Assessment - paper presented at the UCB Assessment Symposium, 2012

Callanan, M (2007), Review of Festivals, Tourism & Social Change, Tourism (Tourism Society Journal), Summer.

Callanan, M (2007) 'Plagiarism' a contested term and practice - Praxis, Autumn 'The political-economy of Plagiarism: a postmodern perspective' - research paper for Insights Conference, UCB, July 2007.

Comparative analysis of international approaches to Groupwork; research paper presented at the Groupwork Symposium, UCB, November 2006.

Callanan, M (2006), Review of Gay Tourism Culture & Context, Tourism (Tourism Society Journal), Summer 2006.

Callanan, M. & Thomas, S (2005) 'Deconstructing Volunteer tourism within a dynamic tourism environmenta', in Novelli , M (ed) Niche Tourism.

Deconstructing Voluntourism within a dynamic tourism environment - research paper for UCB Conference, July 2005.

Deane, J. & Callanan, M. (2003) 'Sports Tourism in the UK: Policies and Practice', in Ritchie, D & Adair, D. Sports Tourism - interrelationships, impacts and issues, December 2003.

Callanan, M (2003), Review of 'Dynamic Tourism', Leisure Studies Association Newsletter, Summer 2003 1st Nations, 2nd Thoughts, 3rd Order, 4th World and tourism - lecture delivered at the University of Birmingham (MA Tourism Planning) in 2001 & 2002.

Callanan, M (2000), Review of 'Destinations - Cultural Landscapes of Tourism', Tourism Management, August 2000.

Should we give a XXXX for indigenous tourism? - the case down under - lecture delivered at the University of Birmingham in 2000.

Cultural & Political Change of UK Athletics - paper presented at Pre-Olympics Congress, Brisbane, Australia, September 2000.

UK Athletics - Demented Octopus to Bambi - Paper presented at the World Congress in Sport and Leisure, 6th Annual Conference, Bilbao, Spain, July 2000.

External engagements

I am a Quality Assurance Agency Reviewer for higher education; have taken on the role as External Examiner in many institutions over the years; am a member of various tourism professional bodies and also engage with the Higher Education Agency. In addition, I have extensive experience in working on consultancy projects for tourism destinations and tourism businesses in the areas of environmental sustainability, impact assessments, destination audits, destination product development, eco-tourism and tourism customer service.

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