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BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies and Childhood and Youth Studies, Diploma in Education, NVQ3 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development


0121 604 1000


I have worked as an early years professional since 2003, working in a variety of settings and roles. I am passionate about working with children aged 0-7 years to ensure that they have the best outcomes.

During my experience, I have adapted my child-centred approach to meet the varied needs of the children I have cared for. I have ensured that through an individualised approach, children have the best outcomes. I have planned and led interventions to bridge gaps in children’s learning and worked with parents and professionals to promote a constant multi-agency approach to children’s learning and development. I have developed an interested in the international approaches to early years education and as a result have managed a Montessori nursery for over 5 years.

After 15 years within the early years sector, I was given the opportunity to work in an outstanding further education setting within the early years team. I completed a Diploma in Education at Warwick University and taught from entry level to level three and most recently led in the delivery of the T-level pilot in Education and Childcare (Wave 1).

I joined University College Birmingham in 2002 and I am currently teaching the T-level in Education and Childcare alongside the Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education. I am passionate about inspiring and supporting students to achieve their full potential in their chosen career path through enrichment opportunities.


Child Development from Conception to Seven Years       

Children’s Health and Well-Being              

Providing Safe Environments for Children           

Child Health

Play and Learning          

Understanding Children’s Additional Needs        

Observation, Assessment And Planning                

Supporting Emergent Literacy   

Supporting Emergent Mathematics         

Preparing for School Readiness  

International Perspectives          

Reflective Practice for Professional Development            

Professional Partnerships in Early Years

Equality and Diversity

Special Educational Needs and Disability

English as an Additional Language

Supporting Education


Parents, Families and Carers

Working With Others

Research interests and scholarly activity

I have research interests in early years international perspectives, in particular Reggio Emilia and forest schools.

Additionally, I have interests in early neurological development and self-regulation.


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Childhood Education Studies

Department of Education

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