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Hospitality Business Management


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Just shy of 3 decades of experience in the Hospitality Industry, covering Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Bars, Cruise Ships, Resorts, Brand creation, Culture legacy, People & Management Engagement and Development, within benchmarked brands of Hotel du Vin, Malmaison, The Pig, Hickorys Smokehouse, to name a few.

All started when I became a student at UCB at 16, learning the basics, getting experience in the industry through part time roles, UCB practicals, and a rare Industrial Placement opportunity in the Canadian Rockies; to graduate within 5 years with a Degree.

After gaining more experience in industry, I cut my teeth in management as Hotel du Vin's 3rd Trainee Manager, when the brand had only 3 hotels. Since then I have had the grace to work with multiple brands and icons within the industry, whose mentorship and trust allowed my experience and professionalism to grow and progress.

Now I'm back, to use what I have learnt and experienced to prepare the next generation of industries professionals for a industry that has given me so much, and is dynamic, exciting and full of fast growth potential.


  • Developing Employability for Hospitality
  • Managing for Profit
  • Kitchen and Restaurant Operations
  • Creative Kitchen Management
  • Marketing Communications for Hospitality
  • Culinary Entrepreneurship Management
  • Innovation and Creativity Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Research interests and scholarly activity

  • People Development
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship
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