October 2015

Voices of the Hijab encourages lively debate with UCB students

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The university have welcomed back Voices of the Hijab, an exhibition and road show that raises awareness of heritage, the Hijab and contemporary issues affecting young people.  

UCB students and lecturers attended the exhibition and engaged with one another, sharing their thoughts on a variety of subjects such as why women wear a Hijab, emotions and memories attached to culture, how Muslim women are currently portrayed in the media and their values, beliefs and sense of identity. 

An emotional and thought-provoking video was shown to highlight the changes in society’s attitude to Islamic minorities after 9/11 and the impact that it had on young Muslims living in the UK.  

"Voices of the Hijab is all about creating a positive atmosphere by celebrating achievements and focusing on similarities rather than differences. Exhibitions like this provide a good opportunity for students to voice their opinion and share their personal experiences. Two exhibitions were held over at Richmond House, and both received a fantastic turnout of students. It was great to see them discussing the importance of culture and openly sharing their opinions and beliefs with one another."

Colette Foley, Programme Manager for Early Years Education at UCB

"It has been a real challenge but an absolute joy to be part of such an amazing project. We feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to be the spokeswomen of so many and raise their voices, as their stories have been untold until now."

Raquia Akhtar, Youth Worker at Walsall Youth Support Services Positive Activities

Through practical workshop activities and discussion, Voices of the Hijab aims to bring together young people from different faiths and backgrounds to create dialogue, break down barriers and creative positive relationships to develop a strong sense of community. 

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