May 2024

University joins the Association of Event Venues

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The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has gained a new Academic Associate Member in University College Birmingham, bringing together the strength of Tourism and Event Management courses on offer at the University, with the combined voice of venues both in the UK and Internationally.

As the leading trade association for event venues, AEV offers its members the opportunity to lobby, engage and network with each other, alongside benefits for professionals and work placement students in its member venues.

For University College Birmingham this move solidifies the commitment to support the industry, and develop strong networks in Birmingham and beyond, ensuring that both students and academics on programmes related to Events, can engage with this long-standing network.

"By partnering with the AEV, we join a collective voice that supports new generations of and current working events staff in an industry that has created 114,000 jobs in the UK with an economic impact of £11 billion. Our students and graduates will have access to a network that actively shares knowledge and engages in opportunities to enhance the events industry"

Kathryn Hayat Head of Department (Hospitality & Tourism)

There have been many challenges over the last 5 years, most notably the damage to the industry from the pandemic. With many professionals finding themselves in difficult situations in their roles, the role of the AEV has been fundamental to offering support to both those in Events professionals and the emerging talent from educational institutions entering the workplace.

With mentoring, guest speaker slots and a connected network of venues to support site visits and places to connect, there are lots of chances to support students in their flourishing careers.

Alden Arnold, head of commercial and projects, AEV, said of the new membership: “We are thrilled to have University College Birmingham join us as our seventh academic associate member.  The program provides the relationship needed between education and industry and our members have always been ready to offer that support. Many of our academic associate students have already worked directly with us at our annual conferences. We continuously seek to improve the connection and opportunities for students to be industry ready when they graduate.”

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