February 2017

UCB's new health and social care course is first of its kind

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UCB is blazing a trail with its innovative new health and social care course which allows practitioners to be assessed while they work.

The Applied Health and Social Care Practice BSc (Hons) Top-up is the first course of its kind in the sector to combine a single monthly lecture with online taught sessions and 50 per cent workplace assessment. It has been described as a “blue print’” which could pave the way for new courses across the country.

Senior curriculum leader Aaron Bradbury said the flexible structure would enable students to balance their work and study commitments. He added: “This new model has been well researched with employers and students in mind. It is a dynamic approach to delivering a top-up degree within the health and social care sector. One external assessor said this course could be the blue print for further opportunities across the country.”

Current student Meeta Arhi-Minhas, a business manager and partner at a doctors’ surgery, said the knowledgeable tutors had taught her skills she was already putting into practice. She added: “The fact that the majority of tutors have worked within the health and social care sector means they have been able to fully understand the pressures of those being managed, as well as those having to do the managing.  This has meant we have been taught some very practical management skills that can be applied to our daily lives.”

Students have access to UCB’s new Health Hub which closely replicates the real-life environment in primary and secondary care settings. It is here students can develop and demonstrate clinical skills and de-brief in a purpose-built classroom.

Mr Bradbury added: “We are very proud of the opportunities offered to our learners to improve their practical and academic skills.”

The course is aimed at those working a minimum of 15 hours a week in a health or social care role.  Candidates must have a higher level apprenticeship at Level 5 or a foundation degree or related Level 5 qualification. The qualification takes 18 months to complete and costs £4,300 per academic year for home/EU students. 

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